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Another Study on Strategic Default- When Homeowners Run From Their Homes

IS FORECLOSURE PREVENTION USELESS? Experian and Oliver Wyman recently produced a topical report on strategic defaulters -- borrowers who default on their mortgages only because the value of their home has declined well below their mortgage balance. Who is more likely to walk away from a house and a mortgage -- a person with super-prime … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Mediation is Working in Florida

The word "horrifying" is not commonly found in reports from government task forces. Even when the subject is serious, the terminology tends to be sleep-inducing. Not when it comes to reporting from the frontlines of the foreclosure crisis. There are so many foreclosures in the legal system that it cannot handle them, reported the Task … Continue reading

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The Mortgage Assistance Information and Scam Prevention Act of 2009

Congresswoman Dina Titus (NV-D) and Congressman Dennis Cardoza (CA-D) introduced legislation today in the House of Representatives to help struggling homeowners receive valuable information that could help them avoid foreclosure. The Mortgage Assistance Information and Scam Prevention Act of 2009 requires all mortgage servicers who receive incentive payments under federal programs to notify their clients … Continue reading

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NV Supreme Court Holds First Swearing-In of Foreclosure Mediation Mediators

The Nevada Supreme Court will hold swearing-in ceremonies for the first appointed Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program mediators at the Supreme Court courtrooms in Las Vegas and Carson City. The ceremonies will be held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 2:30 p.m. Regional Justice Center in the 17th Floor Supreme Court courtroom and in … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Mediation for 750.00 Flat Rate

STOUT LAW FIRM 794-4411 If you want to stay in your home, Mediation may result in a mortgage loan negotiation so that you can keep your home; or if you are upside down on your mortgage and are considering walking away from your home, Mediation may result in preserving your credit, obtaining more time in … Continue reading